ESOP consulting services

we provide sound counsel and expert analytical support to trustees, board of directors and management teams regarding strategic alternatives or ESOP legal matters

Our Process


Prairie consults with board of directors, fiduciaries and management teams to help navigate each phase of their ESOP strategy. Creating a successful and sustainable ESOP is a complex process. These discussions often translate to broader corporate strategy issues which will impact long-term shareholder value. Prairie often advises on the following topics:

ESOP Focused Discussions

  • Repurchase obligation
  • Follow-on transactions
  • Employee benefit profile
  • ESOP termination
  • Internal v. external trustee

Corporate Focused Discussions

  • Corporate governance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management succession
  • Capital reinvestment
  • Open book management
  • Capital structure
  • Executive compensation
  • Company sale


ESOPs are regulated by the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service. Unfortunately, risks and opportunities of stock ownership in light of economic volatility results in ESOP transactions that are met with unforeseen or unintended outcomes. 

There is an environment of heightening regulatory review and ERISA-related litigation has increased.  In situations where there are differences in regulatory interpretation or in expected financial outcome regulators, ESOP trustees, ESOP lenders and ESOP participants, as well as other parties, may find themselves as a plaintiff or defendant in ESOP-related litigation.

Prairie brings accuracy and clarity to individuals involved in legal matters by providing analytical support, consultation, and expert witness testimony throughout the entire legal process.

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Middle - Market Focus

Middle - Market Focus

Prairie Capital Advisors is dedicated to serving the investment banking and financial advisory needs of middle - market business owners

Ownership Transition

Ownership Transition

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Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth

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Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability

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