executive retention

in a competitive business environment attracting, rewarding and retaining key executives is crucial to the success and long-term sustainability of any business

Our Process

How do equity incentives fit within a compensation structure? Equity-based incentives complete the spectrum by filling the void between short-term and long-term compensation


Prairie has extensive experience in designing and implementing executive retention programs that can result in increased employee engagement and aligns the interest of management with the interests of the shareholders.

Synthetic Equity Awards

Synthetic equity plans, such as stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, and incentive awards, are cash-based “equity-like” plans that offer alternatives to real equity. 

The benefit of these plans is that legal ownership of the company does not change, meaning the ownership structure of the business remains unaltered. However, synthetic equity is dilutive with respects to its claim on the value of the business.

Real Equity Awards

Real equity award plans, such as qualified and nonqualified stock option plans and restricted stock programs are real exchanges in the ownership of the company.

Since legal ownership does change hands, the structure of the business changes. These new shareholders have legal claim to the business. New equity awards are dilutive with respects to the ownership of existing shareholders.

Our clients use our executive retention services for….


  • Incentive plan design  - structure and performance targets
  • Conducting in-depth analysis of potential awards
  • Valuation services

because they want to….


  • Attract and retain the best and brightest individuals
  • Properly structured incentives will drive employee engagement
  • Align the interest of management with the shareholders
  • Create a full spectrum of compensation (short, mid, long)
  • Valuation services

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Valuation is the foundation for everything we do at Prairie Capital Advisors.


Middle - Market Focus

Middle - Market Focus

Prairie Capital Advisors is dedicated to serving the investment banking and financial advisory needs of middle - market business owners

Ownership Transition

Ownership Transition

A successful transition needs a well-thought- out strategy. We will help define, shape, and implement a plan that meets your short-term and long-term objectives

Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth

Build or buy? It could be both. Prairie Capital Advisor’s strong relationships with debt and equity capital sources will help you realize your corporate growth strategies

Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability

Sustainability requires strategies that grow the enterprise and minimize risks. Prairie advises companies on strategies that result in long-term shareholder value