Strategic Advisory

Prairie’s clients seek our guidance in evaluating major strategic decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions, family business succession, management buyouts, divestitures, and financing opportunities. we advise boards of directors, special committees and management teams to help determine the best path to maximizing long-term value for shareholders

Our Process

We Listen. We Educate.

Many of our clients seek our advice on addressing a number of strategic interests. Corporate strategy or ownership transition will not be successful with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Selling your business to a strategic buyer or private equity investor is not your only option. Raising equity capital may not fit your long-term goals. We educate our clients through a strategic alternatives assessment so they understand the alternatives available to meet their strategic objectives

We Answer Your Questions

Should I sell my company ?  

Is my company in a saleable position ?

Should I pursue acquisitions ?

Should I recapitalize the business?

What are my options if I have no management succession?

Do I need a fairness opinion?

Does an ESOP solution meet my goals ?

What drives enterprise value?

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Middle - Market Focus

Middle - Market Focus

Prairie Capital Advisors is dedicated to serving the investment banking and financial advisory needs of middle - market business owners

Ownership Transition

Ownership Transition

A successful transition needs a well-thought- out strategy. We will help define, shape, and implement a plan that meets your short-term and long-term objectives

Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth

Build or buy? It could be both. Prairie Capital Advisor’s strong relationships with debt and equity capital sources will help you realize your corporate growth strategies

Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability

Sustainability requires strategies that grow the enterprise and minimize risks. Prairie advises companies on strategies that result in long-term shareholder value