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Prairie Capital Advisors has extensive transaction experience and has advised on over 500 middle-market transactions

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  • BCP

  • Beemac

  • Omni Cable Corporation

  • DariFill, Inc.

  • Musselman and Hall Contractors, LLC

  • Infoverity, Inc.

  • Kathy Davis Designs, Inc.

  • ComGraphics, Inc.

  • The Lifeguard Store

  • Narragansett Jewelry Company (d/b/a C&J Jewelry Co.)

  • Barry Company Inc.

  • Sternberg Lighting

  • Brian Tooley Racing, Inc.

  • MeLink

  • International Decorators Inc.

  • Talk-A-Phone Co.

  • JBK Manufacturing & Development Co.

  • Rampart Hydro Services

  • Tacoma Electric Supply

  • Haver Analytics, Inc.

  • Forsythe

  • Bettcher

  • Southern Imperial, Inc

  • Kriz-Davis Co.

  • Packard, Inc.

  • Harlow-HRK Sales & Marketing, Inc.

  • New Castle Stainless Plate, LLC

  • Novaspect Holdings, Inc.

  • McKinney Communications Corp.

  • Cornerstone Treatment Facilities Network

  • Van Horn Automotive Group Inc.

  • BoDeans Holding Company

  • Door Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC

  • Diedrich Drill, Inc.

  • Plastic Products

  • Synapse

  • Harlow

  • Oconomowoc Residential Programs

  • D&S Manufacturing

  • Mapes LBH

  • Manchester Metals

  • Urschel Laboratories

  • Rockwood Asset Management

  • Odell Brewing Company

  • Consolidated Lumber

  • J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc

  • Steve Silver Co.

  • DecisionPoint Systems, Inc.

  • State Bank of Cross Plains

  • Sta-Home Health & Hospice

  • Shift Communications

  • Shiel Sexton Company

  • Payzone Directional Services, Inc.

  • Paschall Truck Lines, Inc.

  • Ned Davis Research

  • Matt Construction

  • Mathematica Policy Research

  • Long Haul Trucking

  • Iowa Insulation

  • Harpoon Brewery

  • Forsythe

  • Sleep Train

  • Country Curtains

  • Dynetics, Inc.

  • Quadna, Inc.

  • Strom Products

  • Atlas Energy

  • Brookshire Brothers

  • General Employment

  • Galen E. Wilson Petroleum

  • Van Meter

  • NRP Jones

  • Telligen

  • KeHE Distributors, LLC

  • Old Fort Banking

  • Dienen, Inc.

  • Armstrong Bros Holding Co.

  • Alco Industries, Inc.

  • Telescoop, Inc.

  • Shamrock Scientific Specialty Systems

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Since our inception, Prairie Capital Advisors has served business owners and ESOP Fiduciaries on endless ESOP matters

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Middle - Market Focus

Middle - Market Focus

Prairie Capital Advisors is dedicated to serving the investment banking and financial advisory needs of middle - market business owners

Ownership Transition

Ownership Transition

A successful transition needs a well-thought- out strategy. We will help define, shape, and implement a plan that meets your short-term and long-term objectives

Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth

Build or buy? It could be both. Prairie Capital Advisor’s strong relationships with debt and equity capital sources will help you realize your corporate growth strategies

Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability

Sustainability requires strategies that grow the enterprise and minimize risks. Prairie advises companies on strategies that result in long-term shareholder value