Prairie Capital Advisors would like to introduce Illinois Business Innovation Services (Illinois BIS). Illinois BIS is a not-for-profit organization (formerly associated with the University of Illinois) that specializes in company-wide strategic business improvement solutions that result in top-line growth and increased profitability. For over 30 years, Illinois BIS has provided customized training and consulting solutions in areas such as: Strategy, Leadership, Lean Six Sigma, Quality Systems and Technical areas that have helped their customers thrive. Illinois BIS consultants help organizations improve performance with sustainable results with fully-engaged employees.

Prairie supports the growth and ownership transition strategies of middle-market companies and we pride ourselves in consistently providing independent guidance and industry expertise. Our partnership with Illinois BIS is driven by our commitment to help our clients build value and improve company performance. The Illinois BIS mission is to provide the training, consulting and other resources to middle market companies so they can compete globally and flourish in the U.S. Our similar values and goals align us in our partnership to help our clients prosper and succeed nationwide. We encourage you to learn more about Illinois BIS and how they can assist your company.

For more information, go to or call 630-505-0500 x 225.

Stay tuned as we will be collaborating on webinars and events to inform on topics to help middle market businesses thrive.

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