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Prairie has a long history and proven experience working with companies through challenging times. Our professionals have for decades assisted in distressed transactions including changes of control, asset sales and other M&A activities including court supervised transactions. These transactions are often completed in disputed situations and under compressed timeframes.

1. Address the Situation

Businesses undergoing financial distress often have valuable assets that are not being fully utilized. We work with management and the company’s outside advisors to identify valuable components of the business and develop actions to improve the company’s position and prospects.

2. Prepare Financial Projections

Working with management and other advisors, we help translate the business improvement opportunities into financial projections that are reasonable and achievable and that highlight the improved prospects of the company.

3. Prepare Marketing Materials

It is crucially important in complex situations to creatively and credibly articulate the value proposition in a business and actions that can be taken to achieve it.

4. Identify Potential Acquirers

Some companies that acquire healthy businesses will shy away from turnaround situations. This makes developing an appropriate universe of potential acquirers both more difficult and more important.

5. Share Information

No one likes to be the bearer of bad news, but in a sale of a distressed business, keeping serious potential acquirers informed of the status of the business (both good and bad) is of paramount importance.

6. Market the Business with an Eye on Timing

Time is often in short supply when dealing with a distressed business, and as a result, a sale process often must be completed in an accelerated timeframe.

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