2023 Prairie 1st Annual Architecture & Engineering Survey

Trends and Insights for 2024

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We are excited to share our 1st Annual Architecture & Engineering Survey results. Prairie works with owners of private A&E businesses across the country, providing advisory services to support their growth and ownership transition strategies. Many of its clients in the A&E industry have decided on an ESOP as part of their ownership transition strategy. Prairie’s goal in surveying ESOP-owned A&E companies was to gather thoughtful feedback and gain a better understanding of the industry benchmarks, trends and other meaningful market factors impacting these firms.

A significant number of respondents to Prairie’s 1st Annual Architecture & Engineering Survey said that the ability to offer employees an ESOP impacted employee retention in 2023. In addition, 90.7% of respondents noted the ESOP has a direct impact on company culture. The report discusses how the industry performed in 2023, the influence of employee owners helping with industry challenges, some specific effects of labor shortage issues on Prairie clients and the outlook for 2024.

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