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Prairie Capital Advisors brings sound advice and focused strategies to help our clients monetize or grow their business. We provide the following investment banking services to owners of middle-market companies.

Our Investment Banking Capabilities

Corporate Divestitures Corporate divestitures differ from the sale of private companies in many ways, and an advisor who is aware of those differences is best positioned to achieve an excellent outcome for his or her corporate clients. Some of those differences include positioning carve-out financial statements, negotiating a transition services agreement and understanding the different needs and requirements of a corporate versus a private shareholder. Capital Markets Prairie assists clients in sourcing and securing individualized financing packages to consummate acquisitions, fund growth opportunities, provide liquidity for shareholders or refinance existing debt obligations. Our goal is to identify the appropriate structure to meet your strategic needs. We will leverage our extensive relationships to conduct a competitive process, helping our clients achieve the best combination of pricing and terms.

Prairie Capital Advisors has an international M&A alliance with Eaton Square, a cross-border M&A and capital service provider with over 100 senior professionals across U.S., Canada, China & Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, U.K., Switzerland, Singapore and Israel. This collaborative alliance enables Prairie to combine our expertise with that of Eaton Square’s network of global M&A professionals to better serve our clients. The M&A market is global, and the addition of local market insights and expertise will help supplement Prairie’s current cross-border efforts.

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