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Middle-Market Focus

At Prairie, we help identify the issues related to the goals of business owners, work with them to define priorities and develop a comprehensive action plan and timeline. We complement the business owner’s existing advisors to help educate, evaluate, strategize and execute on transactions that meet shareholder goals.

The professionals at Prairie have advised corporate boards, special committees, management, and other fiduciaries of private and middle-market companies to help achieve their growth and transition objectives.

Prairie recognizes the personal and emotional investment business owners have in their companies. Prairie’s seasoned investment bankers will work hard to become a trusted advisor, offering innovative solutions, driving positive results for our clients through honest and independent advice.


We provide services directly to business owners, as well as support their trusted advisors including bankers, attorneys, accountants and wealth advisors. The professionals at Prairie bring ideas to the table, help their clients understand transaction alternatives, evaluate pros & cons and then see the transaction through to conclusion

Prairie can help strengthen client relationships by providing creative strategies for growing, transitioning or sustaining a clients’ business. Our team of professionals provide objective corporate finance and investment banking advisory services to owners of privately held businesses contemplating the fractional or total transition of ownership to employees, managers or outside buyers. We excel at listening and understanding the needs of advisor’s clients, and can construct a transaction that is optimal for their particular situation.

We have experience in structuring all types of customized ownership transition strategies, and can help support advisor’s client engagements. Whether advisor clients need assistance with a valuation, an ESOP feasibility analysis, equity incentive plan, or mergers and acquisitions (M&A), they can feel confident that our unbiased guidance will help achieve the goals of their client.


Certified EO – Prairie is a founding member of Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO), a marketing and certification program for employee-owned companies. Employee ownership is valued by employees, consumers, and business leaders alike. Certified EO helps employee-owned companies capture the potential of EO to increase sales and recruit top talent while spreading awareness of this vital concept. Certified EO helps consumers, businesses and employees know when they’re dealing with EO companies. Prairie is excited to be part of this strong community of employee owners to make employee ownership a differentiator in the marketplace. To learn more about Certified EO, please visit www.certifiedeo.com

Illinois BIS - Prairie Capital Advisors would like to introduce Illinois Business Innovation Services (Illinois BIS). Illinois BIS is a not-for-profit organization (formerly associated with the University of Illinois) that specializes in company-wide strategic business improvement solutions that result in top-line growth and increased profitability. For over 30 years, Illinois BIS has provided customized training and consulting solutions in areas such as: Strategy, Leadership, Lean Six Sigma, Quality Systems and Technical areas that have helped their customers thrive. Illinois BIS consultants help organizations improve performance with sustainable results with fully-engaged employees. Our similar values and goals align us in our partnership to help our clients prosper and succeed nationwide. We encourage you to learn more about Illinois BIS and how they can assist your company.  For more information, go to www.illinoisbis.org or call 630-505-0500 x 225.

Great Game of Business - Prairie is a proud sponsor of the Great Game of Business (GGOB). The GGOB has been practicing and teaching the power of open book management for over 35 years. The implementation of the GGOB practices creates an ownership culture mindset that drives company performance and value to the benefit of all. This is powerful when preparing your company for transition – whichever path is chosen. To learn more about the Great Game of Business, go to www.greatgame.com or call 1.800.386.2752.


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Middle - Market Focus

Middle - Market Focus

Prairie Capital Advisors is dedicated to serving the investment banking and financial advisory needs of middle - market business owners

Ownership Transition

Ownership Transition

A successful transition needs a well-thought- out strategy. We will help define, shape, and implement a plan that meets your short-term and long-term objectives

Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth

Build or buy? It could be both. Prairie Capital Advisor’s strong relationships with debt and equity capital sources will help you realize your corporate growth strategies

Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability

Sustainability requires strategies that grow the enterprise and minimize risks. Prairie advises companies on strategies that result in long-term shareholder value