Prairie Industry Perspective - Construction - August 2022

Prairie’s 2023 Construction Survey

Prairie Industry Perspective - Construction - August 2022

Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc. (“Prairie”), a leading middle-market investment bank, released its 4th Annual Construction Survey today. Prairie works with owners of private construction businesses across the country, providing advisory services to support their growth and ownership transition strategies. Many of its clients in the construction industry have decided on an ESOP as part of their ownership transition strategy. Prairie’s goal in surveying ESOP-owned construction companies is to gather insightful feedback and to gain a better understanding of industry benchmarks, trends and other meaningful market factors impacting them.

“We’re excited to share with everyone the results of our 4th Annual ESOP Construction Industry Survey. We find the results to be very insightful on the current trends impacting our ESOP construction clients,” commented Franco Silva, Director at Prairie. Rocky Fiore, Chief Operating Officer, added, “This survey provides meaningful data that acts as a barometer for ESOP construction companies across many markets. It is impressive to see how many construction companies continue to thrive in the face of higher interest rates and uncertain market conditions.”

Download the full survey above.

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