Prairie Capital Advisors And The Game

Ownership Transition

Ownership transition occurs in every business in some fashion. How that transition takes shape is dependent on the goals and objectives of the business owner. Prairie Capital Advisors can help you identify the issues related to your business goals, work with you to define priorities and develop a comprehensive action plan and timeline.

Prairie is a proud sponsor of the Great Game of Business and their Great Game Experience (GGx), High-Involvement Planning Workshops (HIP) and The Gathering. The Game teaches employees to think and act like owners which is powerful when preparing your company for transition – whichever path is chosen.

Prairie Capital Advisors is a unique investment banking firm focused on serving the shareholder transition needs of middle market businesses nationally. Our firm’s professionals take the time to understand the shareholder’s transition goals and objectives to define priorities; then develop a comprehensive action plan and timeline.

Transition Alternatives:

Our goal is to educate, evaluate and engage with potential clients to determine the best ownership transition plan.