Arkona – Intrinsic Financial Value – The Value of a Business Based on the Risk of Its Cash Flow

If you focus on growing the intrinsic financial value of your company (the value based on the risk of the cash flow), you can engineer the future valuation you want as long as you have enough time and capital–all while focusing on the right strategies that de-risk the company’s cash flow (therefore increasing the multiple) while increasing your normalized EBITDA. A lot of business owners don’t understand how intrinsic financial value works, but we haven’t done a deep dive on it yet. Until now.

Dave Diehl is back on the show. He is the CEO of Prairie Capital, a nationwide investment banking firm that specializes in helping business owners transition via ESOPs, management buyouts, and third party buyers.

In this interview, Dave talks about the different types of risk within a company–from the financial buyer’s view–and how an entrepreneur can lower that risk and, therefore, increase the valuation. He is the perfect guest for this topic because Prairie does 425+ ESOP valuation updates each year and works on countless transactions that are valued and structured based on the intrinsic valuation of the company.

This episode is quite literally a treasure trail to help see your company’s valuation through the eyes of a financial investor and understand how to increase the equity value over the course of a couple of years.

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