Ohio/Kentucky Chapter – 2023 Spring Conference

|Westerville, OH
9:00am EST

Prairie Capital Advisors is a Promoter Sponsor for the Ohio/Kentucky ESOP Chapter.

Tim Jamison will be presenting on “A Year in the Life of an ESOP.” This session will dive into the attention that your ESOP needs every year. From your third-party administrator’s initital data request to the annual valuation work to the filing of the Form 5500 and payment of distributions, we will idenitfy each step of the process, including parties responsible. At the end of the session, the annual workflow related to your ESOP will make much more sense than it does now. We will provide all attendees with a typical timeline for all steps involved.

Dan Callanan will be presenting on “Exploring the Steps in a Successful ESOP Transaction.” Once you’ve decided that an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is right for your business, understanding what is involved in the transaction process is critical. Several decisions need to be made during the ESOP implementation stage to ensure the resulting transaction will be successful and lead to strong value creation for the employees and sustainability for the company, all while meeting the goals of the seller. Dan and Jeff will address and explain the major steps through the following topics: (1) roles of the key players, (2) valuation & feasibility, (3) transaction structures, (4) financing options and (5) transaction closing.‍

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