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Business owners trust Prairie Capital Advisors to create sophisticated decision-making tools to help evaluate ownership transition and liquidity alternatives. These alternatives often include third-party sales, ESOPs, MBOs, family transfers, recapitalizations or various hybrid alternatives.

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At Prairie, we help business owners identify the issues related to their business goals, work with them to define priorities and develop a comprehensive action plan and timeline. Our advisors complement the business owner’s existing advisors (bankers, attorneys, wealth advisors and fiduciaries) to help educate, evaluate, strategize and execute on transactions that drive the goals of their business.

The professionals at Prairie have advised corporate boards, special transaction committees, management and other fiduciaries of private, middle-market and public companies to help achieve their growth and transition objectives for more than 25 years. Prairie’s combined experience and capabilities deliver a wealth of insight and advice into a variety of transaction types across an array of industries.

Fairness Opinions Services

Prairie has extensive experience providing fairness opinions for transactions of all sizes and levels of complexity, ranging from Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) transactions involving minority interests to complex multi-investor situations that present sophisticated securities design issues, equity incentive analysis and compensation structures.

To ensure that the interests of sellers are being served, we provide an independent financial opinion considering all aspects of the contemplated transaction. Our professionals understand the importance of analyzing a transaction in its entirety and effectively communicating the results to the client.

Prairie is a Leading Fairness Opinion Provider

Over the past five years, Prairie has issued over 100 fairness opinions to boards of directors, special committees, trustees and other fiduciaries.

Prairie is dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, while maintaining the highest level of sophistication and integrity. We provide the tools necessary to make important informed decisions.

Most recently, Prairie was named the 2024 U.S.A. Fairness Opinion Advisor of the Year by M&A Atlas and consistently ranks as a top 10 fairness opinion provider by Thomson Reuters.

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