Case Study: Selling a Construction Company to an ESOP During a Pandemic

Even during the most stable of times, selling your company can be a daunting experience. However, tackling this during a worldwide pandemic introduces even more potential landmines. Anticipating the common (as well as pandemic-induced) obstacles that arise during the sale of a company to an ESOP can eliminate surprises, smooth the process and save transaction expenses. This webinar will explore the decisions that shareholders of Current Builders recently made in selling their company to an ESOP and the circumstances surrounding them.  On a broader scale, we will consider opportunities and tools for new ESOP formations, particularly in challenging times. Prairie professionals Dick Shuma and Franco Silva will co-present with Patrice Radogna from Marcum LLP to provide guidance on this timely topic, while Rick Colandreo, Chief Financial Officer/Selling Shareholder of Current Builders Construction (a commercial construction contractor who recently implemented an ESOP) will share his story of selling his company to an ESOP in May 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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