2024 Annual Employee Ownership Conference

|Tampa, FL

Prairie is the Opening Cocktail Reception sponsor for the NCEO 2024 Annual Employee Ownership Conference.

Monday, April 29

Hillary Hughes will be presenting on “Making the Most of Your Valuation Diligence Meeting.”

Tim Jamison will be presenting on “An ESOP Transaction Through Different Lenses.”

Henry Ventura will be presenting on “Repurchase Strategies and ESOP Sustainability Case Studies.”

Tuesday, April 30

Michael McGinley will be presenting on “From Risk to Reward: Strategies for Maximizing Shareholder Value and Employee Engagement.”

Himanshu Chaudhry will be presenting on “A Valuation Checklist for ESOP Companies.”

Nick Viner will be presenting on “Acquisitions: The Day After.”

Wednesday, May 1

Tom DeSimone will be presenting on “Capital Structure Alternatives for Mature ESOPs.”

Greg Cook will be presenting on “Internal & External Trustee Duties & Responsibilities: Legal, Administration, and Valuation.”

The Team

Presenters & Attendees

David DiehlCFA

Chief Executive Officer

Rocky Fiore

Managing Director and COO

Ken Serwinski


Tom DeSimoneCPA

Managing Director

Anthony Dolan

Managing Director

David HorvathCPA

Managing Director

Hillary HughesCFA, ASA

Managing Director

Michael McGinleyASA, CVA

Managing Director

Richard Shuma

Managing Director

Greg Cook


Timothy JamisonCPA


Henry VenturaCFA, ASA


Himanshu ChaudhryCFA

Vice President

Melissa GoetzCPA/ABV, ASA

Vice President

Christopher Silvetti

Vice President

Nick VinerCFA

Vice President

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